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An introduction to the creative process....

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Hey! So I just thought I'd let you in on some of the creative process with the pieces that I paint.

Ok..... so as soon as I've found my subject I'll draw on acetate a picture as follows:

Then I'll cut out the layers. The amount of layers can vary from how many colours I'll use or to how I need to shade if painting Pochoir.(Black and White)

The amount of layers can vary from just the one, as seen on some of my pieces like 'Beaned'....

Or to 4 or 5 like I used for this Jimi Hendrix piece.

As soon as the layers are cut then the fun begins! Colours and a test run!

As soon as I've decided on the colours I want to use then I spray each individual layer before building up to, what's hopefully, a finished piece!

I'll show some other photographs of works in progress in another blog.

Look at how great Jimi looks on the wall of another happy customer!

I prefer using Kobra acrylic Spray Paints. And I prefer working on canvas as opposed to paper. Paper has its place but I like the rigidity canvas brings to the creative process.

Check back for some more upcoming blogs on different work and techniques.


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