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Painting Her Majesty....

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Hello party people!

I just thought I'd write a quick blog post on the processes involved in painting 'The majesty of Her Majesty'

'The majesty of Her Majesty' is one of my favourite paintings. The fluid art element and stencil art portrait work together to create what I consider to be a visually appealing portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

I love Street Art. Graffiti and street art can be controversial, but they can also transform communities. I love street art with a positive message. I try to convey some of this positivity by painting graffiti and street art on canvas.

I already had my stencil cut as I have painted this piece previously. When starting a painting I paint the entire canvas completely with a base of Amsterdam Titanium White acrylic paint. This helps the coloured paint to move on top.

I paint the Union Jack flag basics with Pebeo Dyna Red and Amsterdam Blue acrylic paints. I always use either Amsterdam Paints or Pebeo Acrylics for my fluid art/acrylic pouring backgrounds.

Once I'm happy with the composition I spin the painting using a variation of the spin art technique.

I use a Dewalt cordless drill but any drill can be used. I made a chuck and board for it and just screw it onto the back of the canvas.

I'm careful not to overspin it as I don't want to lose too much detail, the aim is to have a messy Union Jack!

I was really happy with the background I had spun for this, it is indeed a messy Union Jack art piece!

Fluid art can offer possibilities that spray cans cannot. Acrylic pouring/Fluid Art offers a different background when the need arises to the more contemporary sparse street art backgrounds used when painting street art on canvas pieces.

Once the fluid art background has dried, 24 hours, I start by spraying my first layer of spray paint. I'm using Kobra 'Fog', a slightly off white here.

It's just an outline basically, and a background and all of the white for the finished piece.

Next up it's time for the second layer. Here I'm again using a Kobra paint, its the grey for the shadows, Kobra 'UFO'

Street art like Banksy, in particular, will only usually be 1, 2 or 3 layers.

Black, black and white, or black, white and grey for some shadows is the standard as these were pieces that were made to be thrown up in the streets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Onto the third and final layer we go!

For this layer, I'm using a Montana Gold Satin Black. It's quite a matt black which I like.

The acrylic paints on the flag are extremely vibrant so I wanted a more muted colour scheme for the portrait to emphasise the flag background.

And there we have her! In all her glory, HRH The Queen.

Looking 'Prime Queen Liz' in my street art portrait, with a beautiful backdrop of the fluid 'Union Jack' Flag.

Please see available to purchase the original here 👇

This is another piece that I painted today.

This has maybe a more Banksy like feel, or a Blek Le Ret, Basquait vibe with the messy backdrop of loud and bright street art scribbles

This piece is one of many pieces of street art for sale in my shop. My shop can be found here

For a direct link to this piece please see here

That's all for now, hope you've enjoyed the blog. For more of the same please see my other blogs here

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and take care!

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