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Painting Jurgen...... Boom!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Jurgen Klopp made history for Liverpool FC fans everywhere when he managed the Liverpool team to a Premier League title in the 2019/2020 season after 30 years without a league Triumph.

Being a Liverpool fan myself I decided to commemorate the win with a portrait of the great man.

With the age-old colours of Red with a flash of white, as Liverpool have been since the dawn of time, I decided to add a flash of iridescent Gold to commemorate the Title win.

Hopefully, this quick blog will help anyone who wants to know what is stencil art graffiti, or how to do stencil art.

Why stencil art? For me, it's the amount of detail you can get with just a few cuts. As simple or as detailed as time allows when drawing and cutting your stencils.

First of all, I had to spin a background. See the TikTok video at the bottom of the page for the spinning process.

I use a drill to spin my backgrounds and enjoy using fluid art and spin art to create some amazing backdrops for my art.

Once that's dry, and it takes 24 hours as the acrylic paints take a while to cure properly, I spray the first layer of my stencils.

This is slightly off white for most of the skin colours.

I use Kobra and Montana spray paints. I've used these for the last 5 years and have never had any issues with either, they are my 'go to' brand of spray paint.

I usually work light to dark and then maybe have one last light detail layer when stencilling.

Layer 2 goes down as soon as the first is dry.

It's just a standard Kobra Platform Grey.

I may have some placeholder cuts at this stage on the stencils, I'm not worried about any support lines at this stage, as I will cover any of those lines with the following layers.

The 3rd layer that we put down is black and as you can see, Jurgen is beginning to take shape.

On a stencil like this, the last two layers, usually the black and then the white detail, really make the painting pop and come to life.

And Boom!

Last but not least we have the last white detail layer. We've got to get those teeth popping right? :)

I used a brilliant white for the top white layer, so it's a little lighter than the first white base layer.

Once again this helps it to pop and gives it a little more depth.

Would Jurgen Norbert Klopp approve?!?!?

What do you guys think?

Please see our shop here for more original artwork by 909 Art.

See our TikTok for more stencil art tutorials and process videos.

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