'Disco Chimp - Explosive' 80x60cm Canvas

'Disco Chimp - Explosive' 80x60cm Canvas

SKU: Disco Chimp Explosiv
'Disco Chimp - Explosive'
Created using multi-layer, hand cut stencils which are manipulated and sprayed onto a fluid art background.

The background of the painting is made using the 'acrylic spinning' technique. The vivid patternation formed by using this technique is truly what gives this piece its almost reality splitting background.

Made using only the highest quality Amsterdam acrylics. Stencil embellishment sprayed with Montana and Kobra spray paints.
Influenced by the pochoir (stencil) and fluid art movement.
80x60cm (30x24inches)
Signed by the artist 909.
Original contemporary artwork by 909.


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